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What We Do

We Work For You

We make getting covered simple by creating a custom plan just for you.

Your safety is our primary concern. We want you to have the safest drivers, equipment and know-how to manage your transportation business.

Transfer world-wide

With over 45 years of industry experience, we are your best resource for transportation knowledge.

Always in the loop

We have a hands-on approach to collaborate with you, the business owner, and give you valuable compliance advice at an affordable price.

The average savings for you to potentially eliminate a full-time safety and compliance person.



to see if we'd be a good fit for you

During our free consultation, we can establish your needs and provide you with a plan. Our basic contract starts out with a flat retainer that sets you up for DOT compliance and enters you into the Drug + Alcohol Consortium. From that point forward, we will bill you only for the work we do for you. A customized plan specific for your operations may sound expensive, but you’ll find our rates here at Tri-State Transportation Consulting are the most affordable in the area. Remember, we work for you so you can choose as many or as little services as your budget allows.