Risk Management

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Increase safety awareness, reduce risk, & follow best practices

With Tri-State Transportation we will help you improve safety training and stay current with changing regulations.

Risk Management Service

With constant proactive oversight from a dedicated Client Service Specialist, you benefit from consistent training management across locations, and peace of mind knowing that all necessary training has occurred.

  • In person training
  • Increase assurance
Consultant-Led Onsite Training

Transportation training topics include:

  • Hazardous Materials (ground, air, water)
  • DOT Drug & Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion and Mandatory Supervisor Training
  • CSA Overview
  • And more!
Custom Safety and Compliance Solutions

We can add your company-specific information and imagery to one of our existing training programs.

  • Custom to your needs
  • Full-service education

Do you know?

Our mission is to assist our clients in establishing proper safety management controls in order to minimize accidents, injuries, and fatalities. We work with you to help create safer roadways for the public and increased profitability for your company.


FMCSA compliance is just the first step. Once you are compliant however, if all you do is make sure that your documentation is correct and appropriately filed, your FMCSA and DOT compliance will be more of a burden than an asset. it is important to utilize the consistency of operation to make your company less of a target. To accomplish this you will need to reduce your risk in all areas of your operation. Regularly checking your farm truck insurance, your truck driver safety, doing mock compliance audits, keeping up with new PUCO regulations and knowing that you have done everything you can to your farm truck to make it safe.

You do not have unlimited resources so it is important that you make large improvements not token enhancements. TSTC can custom tailor a Risk Management program to meet your needs.

Drivers Handbook

Part of Risk management is making sure to address the needs of the driver and the company. TSTC can help you develop a Driver’s Handbook. We will custom format the handbook to suit your needs.

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