DOT Authority

How should I go about applying for a US DOT Number and operating authority?

Tri-State Transportation Consulting can file all applications for your DOT authority.

We can file for DOT numbers, MC numbers (OP-1), BOC-3, and even PHMSA hazmat registrations. This can be for both federal and state authorities such as Ohio’s PUCO and Alliance Hazmat registration.

Do you know?

New DOT Authority, you must have a pre-employment drug test before you start logging hours under your authority.

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John Smith, Trucking Company

New Driver

 If you hire a new driver to drive under your authority, you must also complete a pre-employment DOT drug test. You must also be part of a random drug testing pool.

Owner Operator

As a sole owner operator, since you are alone, you must enroll in a “consortium” or random drug testing pool to be compliant. We add you to our pool which for 2020 the required testing is 50% drug and 10% alcohol.

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